The Photographer
My name is Tony Pantoliano, welcome to my website, I hope you will enjoy my photographs.
I have been a photographer since 1980, a passion of mine, I have photographed weddings, family portraits,
models, baby pictures,and so on. I fell in love with nature and wildlife at age 9, and I still love natureand wildlife,
so in 1994 I moved to alaska the last american frontier, where the wildlife still roams free in the vast untamed
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wilderness, with its beauty and captivating scenery to enjoy
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Now I would like to share my photographs with you. for 6 years now I lived in the alaskan bush,
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along with the wild animals of alaska. The winters can become quite harsh, especially living alone for 8 months,
my animal friends keep me amused and quite sane, and keep me laughing at their silly antics.
In the heart of the talkeetna mountains where I presently live, and through out the state,
I have accumulated about 2,000 slides, they are quite different, I've tried to capture not only these amazing
creatures but their Individual personality's as well. I've studied wildlife worldwide for the last 25 years.
So what are you waiting for, visit my gallery to view which slides are currently on exhibit !
comments or questions call 1-(907)-733-2538
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